Any suggestions for this elbow gap? Last resort is a spider web 🕸

Any suggestions for this elbow gap? Last resort is a spider web 🕸

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  1. you could do some fun funky colorful mushrooms, a jumping frog, a diving woman, a scorpion with a little heart on its back, etc. also you could do two really baby tiny guys if the space is throwing you. ask your artist, see what they say!

  2. I recommend patience. If the only thing you can think of is a spider web (which it reads like you’re not sold) then wait until something that tickles your fancy comes along. A gnarly traditional sleeve takes a bit of waiting for something shaped like the gap to come along. And for christ’s sake, don’t ask the internet. End up with a Thomas the Engine boat with a penis for a nose.

  3. Don’t do a spiderweb, it (in my experience) made people think of prison time. Idk how many times I (F) got asked if I’ve been to prison and I just had tiny little webs on the sides of a rose on my hand.

  4. Elbows are tough, with the amount of movement there getting something that looks nice in most casual arm poses is awkward.

    If you do end up with a web last resort I’ve seen nice ones in the shape of a heart, or like a barbed wire heart. I’d personally keep the elbow nobbling itself blank

  5. My thought is a branch of cherry blossoms… looks like you have some Japanese art going on- I’d say a branch with little offshoots and the blossoms kind of starting behind the behind the bigger flower up behind the cute big guy and maybe branching off by/around the fro t of your shoulder by the butterfly and a little branching off behind your shoulder, up to the neck even. Just a thought 🙂 I do love your tats 🙂

  6. I love the flower on your lower arm- the colors are gorgeous! Your other tattoos look amazing also, I don’t know that I’d go for a spider web. It doesn’t seem to fit with the other tattoos and all the color they have. I like the planet idea.

  7. I like the honeycomb idea that has been mentioned, unique and sounds cute!


    Other ideas:

    Wavy/abstract lines – can fill a space really well but it’s not everyone’s cup of tea.

    Another idea is a band around the elbow, that kind of circles the elbow but doesn’t cover the center. I’ve seen it done with flowers or mushrooms or even like a barbed wire heart. Not sure if it has a specific name.


    Your tattoos are lovely btw!