any ideas to fix this besides cutting my arm? 😅

any ideas to fix this besides cutting my arm? 😅

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  1. I love a good cover-up; but, honestly, this is a perfect candidate for laser removal. You would be amazed at what the first two sessions would do to disintegrate this terrible effort. It would be almost unnoticeable after 4 sessions. The cost would be less than or equal to a proper cover-up.

  2. I would get laser. You could go for a coverup but it will have to be big and dark also find a really GOOD artist if you go for a coverup otherwise it will end up looking worse.

  3. Laser removal- fortunately it works best on black or dark ink. Bad news is it hurts and takes forever (many sessions) and is pricey. Your technician or nurse should tell you this but it’s best to wait a long time between treatments- otherwise it is less effective and takes more treatments. Good luck!

  4. pls laser! i made the mistake of a cover up and it looks like ass so now i have to laser off an even bigger piece, it seems costly but trust me future you will literally never stop thanking you

  5. If your still wanting to sleeve out that arm I wouldn’t go laser but that’s me. I’d try a moon or sun or combination of both. Maybe with some scenery or outer space around it. It would be dark but a good artist could save that piece and have it looking badass for sure.

  6. I gues you could make it black, and expand for a blackwork sleeve or half-sleeve but I understand that’s not everyone’s cup of tea (personally I don’t like them) other than that lazer and go over it with a new one maybe?

  7. Laser and coverup, it has too many saturated areas that wouldn’t completely breakdown, hopefully there’s no scarring, if there is it’ll remain even after the laser sessions.
    Either way its gonna be an expensive affair.
    For the cover up, Pick an artist who has experience with cover ups, they’ll be able to find a good solution without having to throw in solid black areas which will make it look like an obvious coverup.

  8. I see a lot of people suggest laser removal. I don’t. If you like tattoos and you wanna get more in the future a cover up would be great. A good artist can cover that up easily, i see the color is already faded so you either had it for a long time or the artist was really shitty. Anyways, you can always go for a full sleeve or a sleeve that covers only the tattoo. There is also the option that you get a white on black kind of tattoo which would be pretty sick. Hope that helps. Usually the colored kind of tattoos can easily cover that, i am a tattoo artist myself and i can say from personal experience: some color can cover that E A S I L Y

  9. I’d just go over it and skip the laser. The scar tissue gets brutal to tattoo over if that’s your ultimate plan. The artist might white it out a bit and regardless, the more it gets worked over, the more it will hurt. I’m in this process right now!

  10. Not sure where you’re located but a lot of artists do huge floral designs as coverups. They’re very vivid and colorful which helps mask the image below, and a solid artist can use the shape of the shadows to their advantage. Look up artists in your area and reach out!

  11. This is so faded that it would be easily covered up collect a bunch of reference images of stuff you would want there instead and find an artist who is confident in their ability to cover this up

  12. Something dark. Use a cliff to cover the black part. Maybe a gothic castle on a cliff. A landscape where the cliff is a massive part with a forest on the top. The cliff part can be shaded in different areas to help give it depth to hide. Off of the side have a waterfall that has a little aquatic scene.