Actors Who Got Real Tattoos For A Role

You Won’t Believe Which Actors Permanently Tattoo’d Themselves For A Role!

Whether it was to commemorate a role or diving into method acting – these actors have all sorts of reasons for the ink they’ve gotten! Tom Holland’s spidey senses were DEFINITELY tingling when he got the Spider-Man symbol tattooed on a very painful part of the body. Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams got special tattoos together, keeping the bond of their on-screen sisterhood going for life. Speaking of the “Game of Thrones” crew – Emilia Clarke has her own GOT themed tattoo. It doesn’t stop there though – which small tattoo does she have in honour of her role in the film “Me Before You?”
If someone asks Margot Robbie wield a tattoo gun, she’ll use it on anyone that’s willing – including herself! Just ask the team from “Suicide Squad” who’ve all been branded with a Robbie original. What about the semicolon tattoo Selena Gomez and a couple of cast members from “Thirteen Reasons Why” got? It actually has a couple of deeper connections that you may think! Lady Gaga’s tattoo in honour of the movie “A Star Is Born” is beautiful – and definitely a statement piece, especially when whatever she’s wearing is backless. How about groups from epic TV shows and films who got matching or similar tats? In addition to the GOT women, the Avengers have matching ink, the girls from “Pretty Little Liars,” the sister-wives of “Mad Max: Fury Road,” the “nine” from Lord of the Rings and even many of the young cast members of Descendants 2 joined the ranks of tattooed actors!

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Written by: Thalia GK
Narrated by: Serena L
Edited by: Paulo Olivera

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00:32 Tom Holland
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02:56 Zosia Mamet & Kaley Cuoco
03:17 Emilia Clarke
03:49 Lady Gaga
04:19 The Avengers
04:50 Johnny Depp
05:20 Pretty Little Liars
05:49 Descendants 2
06:06 Lords of the Rings
06:31 Bryan Cranston
06:56 Aaron Paul
07:24 Sister-Wives
07:40 Shia LaBeouf
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  1. Gonna take a spider (the sweetest one if you know what I mean 😉) because Spider-Man is something really important to me from the first Marvel Spider-Man movie with tobey!

  2. I was just watching to see katherine mcnamara (clary on shadowhunters). She got 3 runes tatood close to her ankle. 1 for each season the show has.

  3. I'm surprised that 24 isn't on this list!

    Kiefer Sutherland has The Virgin Mary tattoo from 24 because Jack Bauer had it done while undercover with a Drug Cartel (Season 3).

    Instead of having it applied in make-up for the rest of the other seasons, or have to deal with long sleeve only, he got a real one.

  4. Scarlett did not get her tattoo for the avengers because of being an avenger after the avengers because she wanted to get a tattoo and she asked everybody if they would like to join and except for Mark Ruffalo everybody did! I guess Ruffalo is scared of needles

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