A Huge Tattoo Experience || I went to Best Reviewed Tattoo Artist in Kolkata

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Disclaimer: The video is based on my experience and searches on the internet/social media, which might not be suitable for everyone. Please take proper necessary measures before using any of the products used in this video. As we cannot be responsible for any side effects or loss. While making the videos, we have taken necessary precautions but still, we cannot be responsible for any harm or damage might cause for trying the same. Also, this video is only and only for entertainment purposes.

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  1. Good Morning Guys,
    We have missed to inform you about the pricing. We have done two Tattoos.
    Mithun's Tattoo:
    Size: 7"x4", Cost: 8400
    Soumali's Tattoo:
    Size: 10"x5", Cost: 15000
    But since we did two tattoos together, hence they gave 2000 rupees discount on overall price.

  2. So good detailing…thanks Soumali for sharing your experience…I got 23 tattoos…23rd tattoo I got recently from Kolkata but not much satisfied with the end result. So was looking for someone with more expertise..Thanks again!!! 🥰🥰

  3. Ekta kotha bolchi kichu mone korben na amder bari teo bon didi era ache ei sob kora to dur asto sopne bhabe na ei sob ekmatro luicha lafanga chotolok chele me rai kore thaken 🙏 amrao choto theke manush hyeche jeta ke bole bhodro bari chele me