A Day In My Life As A Tattoo Artist

Heres a video of how my basic daily routine is. From off the wake up, til finishing work.

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  1. I want to become a tattoo artist but i need to get better at drawing first! Any tips at all would help. Even like start up machines for just trying to learn to tattoo basics or fonts. Please help!

  2. Hi sister I am tattoo artist form india 24 age any vacancy your shop I am working us tattoo Shop please reply me my contact +919994105305

  3. What advice would u give to those who actually never went to art classes or nun of that but did research on everything Nd wanna make a business at home ? If I can show u some of my art work my ig : is @lbxtb.Arte

  4. Facts💯💯…I’ve always admired artist especially those who transform this expression on someone’s personal space…I wish I would’ve stayed with drawing. Great vid💯…I hope the video owner doesn’t mind but if your a independent tattoo artist looking for a wide range of design options please visit the link below (Miami ink tattoo designs)! Stay safe and I wish everyone health and prosperity!!

  5. Your setup is 🔥🔥🔥, Which Rotary machine do you prefer to use for majority of your projects & what’s one of your favorite inks & why Bri.?

  6. I officially became a tattoo apprentice yesterday!! I’m so excited, I have such a far way to go on my journey. It’s so inspiring seeing other black girls be tattoo artists as well! Can’t wait to see where I am in 5 years 😅

  7. THIS IS THE CONTENT I WANT TO SEE! Young women living there life and working as a tattoo artist, most of what you will see on youtube is rugged old men