A Blackout Tattoo Will Change Your Life | Tattoo Styles

Blackout tattooing has exploded in popularity in recent years. From hardcore collectors to tattoo newbies, blackout tattooing is garnering major appeal in this industry. Even Kat Von D has a blackout tattoo! One of the artists leading the charge is Hoode Tattoos, a Philadelphia-based artist who has perfected blackout tattooing. He provides his clients big, bold and, of course, black tattoos—often transforming existing work with blackout magic. We sat down with Hoode to learn how he got started doing blackouts and what clients should expect when they commit to one of his tattoos.

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  1. I do t know why but before I watched this black out tattoos turned me off. But hearing the story of why people might want to do this made these tattoos beautiful to me. In a world of statements in your face having something massive but simplistic is peaceful.

  2. what about the welling? ive heard a lot of times artists leave out one or 2 lines along the blackwork so the skin can actually expand around the arm/leg. i guess extreme swelling can scar your skin (what would look terrible on a freshly tatted blackout)

  3. Idk why but i absolutely love black outs. Her tattoos before looked amazing don’t get me wrong but I think black outs can really suit people.

  4. I have a lot of trouble being in the sun since I’m a ginger. If I get my whole body blacked out will I stop getting sun burned?

  5. You can tell she’s a poser just from her old tatts .. don’t get a tattoo bc it’s cool get one bc YOU Actually like it, not bc your friends think it’s cool