7 Things You Need to Know Before Becoming a Tattoo Artist!

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  1. I started doing tattoos when I was newly 16. Being a good artist DEFINITELY helps

    I have said no to a lot of tattoos (face tats or ones that incorporate gangs or drugs) and I say morally I am so happy I said no to some of those.

  2. I want to become a tattoo artist but come from a very religious background and if I did follow this passion, I'd be disowned and pretty much bring huge she to my family. Any advice?

  3. I've been an apprentice and a scratcher. no matter how good you think you are you gotta start somewhere if you take the craft serious. It's good scratchers out there that do proper and good work. This is some ok but one sided advice she's given.

  4. The artist that did my thigh tattoo said anyone can be a tattoo artist if they work for it. No talent for drawing or creativity needed. Is that even true? I’ve been thinking about making a career switch, because administration is not what I imagine myself do for the rest of my life…

  5. How and where can i get a tattoo license? Really trying to get going with My art the right way. I understand i need to go through the blood born pathogens course as well. But is there an actual license for tattooing? Appreciate you and all that you do!🤙🏽

  6. The Seventh Trumpet? I hear it's sound now.. I have an 8 year old who wants to learn how to.. I have done some myself, but no professional.

  7. Nice one Bro Great!Vid both me n my dog both loved no joke seriouse me n my Dog Atty.✊💙✨🖤🏴✨☘️✨

  8. i'm fourteen and i really wish to tattoo when i get older, your videos actually motivates me to fulfill my dream. thank you! and you always get straight to the point which makes everything so much better omg

  9. I'm researching for my niece–so thanks for the video. I understand not being paid for apprenticeships–which often includes grunt work, and in essence, "paying" for your apprenticeship through sweat-equity–HOWEVER, no apprenticeship should require cash payments from the apprentice as well as unpaid labor. It should be one or the other–either you get paid for your work and pay for the chance to learn under the master–or you do not get paid for your work, knowing you're learning a valuable skill in exchange. If you are considering any apprenticeship that requires payment, it's probably because you do not have the skill or aptitude to do that trade–best try something else. You may have to prove your worth–but you should not have to pay in cash.

  10. Exactly the phase I’m in, tattoing some things I’d never thought to do, but very blessed about the people trusting me. Thanks for sharing so much helpful stuff with honesty and clarity. You rock !

  11. I will say, I appreciate the honesty. Instead of beating around the bush, you went straight to the point. "You make your own schedule but this might be bad thing if you're lazy" LOL I feel personally attacked hahaha thank you for the tips!!