7 Best Tattoo Shops In The US

7 Best Tattoo Shops In The US

Everyone knows or has heard about tattoos, although not everyone buys the concept of inking their bodies. Many people from all walks of life now ink their bodies, whether a personal tribute or a traditional American tattoo. Tattoos are no longer as provocative as they once were, but they remain primarily a symbol of creativity and confidence.
As tattoos have grown in popularity, the spotlight has shifted to the artists, whose works have been featured in television shows and even gallery exhibitions.

The first tattoo parlor on our list of 7 best tattoo shops in the US is Chalice Tattoo Studio. Chalice Tattoo Studio is a Boise-based, independently-owned business. It is owned by Darcy Nutt, whose work is organic, illustrative, and based on traditional American and Japanese tattoo styles.
She can produce exact color, black-and-white semi-realism, and intricate linework. Nutt’s tattoo designs have won several awards and have appeared in magazines worldwide. Chalice Tattoo Studio prices start From $150 per hour. We recommend this tattoo shop for your next body inking exercise.

The next tattoo shop on our list of 7 best tattoo shops in the US is Daredevil Tattoo. This tattoo shop is located in New York City and specializes in traditional American tattoos. All great museums leave an indelible mark on your mind, but this may be the only one that also leaves an indelible mark on your skin.
The walls are covered with artwork by tattoo pioneers like Samuel O’Reilly and Sailor Jerry and antique tattoo machines and old-time sideshow banners from the early days of the tattoo industry. Every Daredevil artist bows to this rich tradition and then carries it into the future. If you want a traditional design, the Daredevil Tattoo is your plug.


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