7 BEST (Quick & Easy) Men's Hairstyles That Women LOVE in 2022!

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I have been so excited to see what’s happening in the men’s hair world in 2022. As most of you know, I own Pete & Pedro  but I’m also part owner of a salon, Salon Posta. What I’ve been seeing in terms of guys’ hair is exciting because men are embracing their natural flow and stepping a little bit outside of the box. I’m going over seven of the sexiest styles that guys are rocking in 2022. I’m also going to go over what products to use if you’re interested in trying one of the styles.

Sexiest men’s hairstyles for 2022

Curls – embracing natural curly hair texture is sexy. Combining it with a type of low fade takes it to the next level. Your curls don’t have to be crunchy or stiff. Use the right product for natural, soft, and sexy. Using Hair Cream as a leave-in conditioner will offer a bit of hold and keep everything together with a bit of shine. If you want to add more volume, you can use Sea SALT Spray as a pre-styler. Also, Thick is a low hold texturizing cream that will add volume.

Caesar or French Crew – basically a high fade that is a bit fringy and messy on top. The style works great for both thick and thin hair as well as receding hairlines. The trick is texture, so when you see the stylist ask for razoring. I recommend a pre-styler Sea SALT Spray for more volume and texture. And then, if you have thick hair, use Hair Putty for high hold and low shine. And if you have thin hair or fine hair, use Hair Clay for a bit later texture with a nice matte finish and a bit of hold.

Modern Mullet – the modern mullet looks incredible, and a few different options are available for styling. You can go short and textured on top and let it grow a little longer in the back with tapering on the sides. Or you could go with a modified quiff that’s messy. Grow it a little longer and have the back a little longer as long as the sides are short. I recommend the Sea SALT Spray to add weightless volume and texture, which will also make your other products work better. If your hair is a bit longer, opt for Hair Paste to add a bit of shine and hold that is not crunchy. For a more natural look and feel, go for Thick texturizing cream. If your hair is short, texture, and spiky, go with Hair Clay or Hair Putty.

Curtains – back from the 1990s. It looks better when the part is a bit off-center; straight down the center seems a bit nerdy. You don’t want your hair to look wet and oily or greasy, so opt for Hair Paste that has less hold and just a touch of shine. If you want to go a bit more natural and add more volume and texture, use Thick texture cream.

Classic side part – looks amazing on everybody. You can go different lengths to fit your personality, and then you can style it a bit dressy & sexy just by adding a little more shine. Check out my demonstration on how to side part your hair. Opt for Hair Pomade for a very clean and crisp look. If you want to go a bit more natural, choose Hair Clay.

F Boy Flow – longer hair that is more primal and animalistic. This style is definitely sexy. Use a Sea SALT Spray and Thick texturizing cream (a lighter hold product will give you the ability to control flyaways and frizz).

Buzzcut – super short. You can also go for the low fade, which is tighter on the top, or do one length all over. It’s even sexier when you combine it with some type of facial hair. This style doesn’t need any styling product and is very low maintenance. You still need to shampoo to remove dirt and oil. Don’t use body soap or body wash. Invest in a high-quality daily shampoo. Pete and Pedro’s shampoos Clean or Bold are game-changers. You could also opt for Hydrate shampoo with argan oil or Volume shampoo packed with biotin and rice protein. If your hair is longer, make sure to condition your hair to restore and hydrate it. Check out Pete & Pedro’s conditioners, including the newest Cowboy.

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  1. I need to put in another pete and pedro order here soon. I have a hair appointment in a few days and I’m thinking about changing it up. It’s been a while since I’ve changed it. Currently rocking a fade on the sides with a shortened texture on top but still enough length to style. Nothing here is popping out at me for hair styles that I know I want to/can rock. I plan on going into law enforcement in the near future too, so I need to keep it in a uniform compliance too

  2. Just ordered some P&P for the first time. BYO kit with Thickening shampoo, Peppermint conditioner, sea salt spray and hair putty. Looking forward to trying it out!

  3. I am rockin my long tarzan hair🦁 i keep it clean, comb and straightened. Got a K treatment. While i am toning my physic at the gym. Gonna look royalty 👑

  4. I’m dying that you love the return of the mullet but panned the curtains. I don’t normally disagree with you, but today is one of those days. But then again, I am a nobody from nowhere with no followers. You are… Alpha M. Still love ya anyway. Just I beg of you… pls don’t consider a mullet for yourself. I doubt your sexy senorita wife would allow it anyway.