5 Ways to Style Your Hair to Look *10 Years YOUNGER!*

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Sharing some simple hairstyles that will make you look younger! Thank you so much for watching. Your support means the world to me! ~Erin xo

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#1 | Teased Hair | 01:45
Hair Brushes |

#2 | Half Up | 03:05

#3 | Pony Tail | 05:17

#4 | Loose Waves | 07:53
T3 Curling Iron (Trio) |
T3 Curling Iron (Single) |
Heat Gloves |

#5 | Up Do | 10:50

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  1. I like all of the hairstyles, even the straight one.
    You have lovely hair.
    I am 73 and don't have a problem with hair up styles or anything.
    I wish my hair was thicker but sometimes I add a scrunchie extension.

  2. Advice from a southern girl put some hair spray before you tease it or you are wasting your time. Also wear a pony tail whenever you want to no matter your age. Who cares if someone thinks you are too old. That is their problem.

  3. My WHOLE life, I wore ponytails.. but my hair Always ends up breaking at the elastic, so i have flyaways on both sides behind my ears. 🙄 looks bad on me

  4. The endless long hair only works when in your 20s…it makes a woman look 15 yrs older. I saw a transformation of a model who was 36 with long hair to a version of herself with a shorter hair style in which she looked 24…really, I couldn’t believe it. I have a short bob so I don’t need to do anything to it (just a brush to separate the strands). I saw the picture and thought you would talk of the makeup – the shade of blonde in the left of picture is really sappy (it just drains all color from your face). I love the glow on your cheeks on the right!

  5. Love this! Thank you for sharing. For my fine thin hair I’ve found that with a blonde colored corduroy scrunchy that matches my hair, it adds volume to my low messy bun that I wear quite often. The color match and the lines give a great illusion that it’s all hair. Just thought I would share for my thin haired sisters! Thank you!

  6. Thank you for permission to wear a ponytail, and for such easy ways to look younger. You are helping so many people to feel better in their own skin and to be happy with natural beauty. Very down to earth and simple tips anyone can handle.

  7. You are so good. I’m 63. I watched your video on how to dress. Ironically my daughter had told me the day before. Mom you need to wear tighter clothes that fit. Not boxy. As for hair my children never want me to cut it. However I wear it up just like you showed. Thank you