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  1. Dude thanks B appreciate it brotha alot of artists are some haters man and dnt wanna help and teach and thats cool asf u taking u time out to show and teach so thankyou 🙏

  2. Your good. I know alot of tattoos. You need to not go to deep or not to shallow. You needle to be just right deph. You need to have good out line good smooth line work.

  3. 🧐I shouldn’t be watching this since I’m barely 15 but I just want to be in the creative field but how did you get your license, if I may ask.

  4. i started a good 2-3 months ago n i’ve tatted my dad a few times and tatted my legs up n i think i’m doing really good for how soon i’ve started

  5. What is ur thoughts on someone trying to go from "scratcher" to legitimate tattoo artist and opening their on shop? And how did u go about the whole process to get to where you are at? I've always dreamed of becoming a great tattoo artist I've covered both my thighs and part of my left arm considering I'm right handed lol. Any advice would be appreciated thanks in advance

  6. Most artist do not draw they trace.. if you do get a tattoo artist that draws you your own idea.. thats the real deal.. but professional tracers are cool as long as the tatt come out legit

  7. Life long dream to be a bigger tattooist than ryan and Oliver. Im obsessed with ink master , the art of tattooing..and the passion of tattooing. I have over 30 myself.