20 THINGS NOT TO SAY IN A TATTOO SHOP⚡Forbidden phrases according to tattoo artists

Being a tattoo artist is totally amazing. We get to work with people, draw every day, listen to cool music at work, and hang with our amazing crew. We are very privileged to be able to make our living from drawing art on people´s skin. But there is a catch. We do have our negative triggers. And I am going to explain why. Remember to Like, Share and Comment, and make sure you click the 🔔

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  1. I wanna make a statement. I for one love tattoos on other people I don’t have any and I don’t have plans to get any. But if I choose to get one some day, I’d love to have someone like you do it. When you stated you would rather the customer have headphones in and not talk. Yes please!

  2. Question : should I trust or get a tattoo from an artist, who has no tattoos or non showing or very little tattoos on their self? Most artists I see have heaps of tattoos, so if an artist doesn't have any does that have effect on their skills? Have you ever met a tattoo artist with no showing tattoos or none?

  3. Quick question for you, for research purposes- I’m writing a book in which one of my characters gets a large tattoo down the side of her ribs – literally top to bottom of ribs and sort of curling around the front and back. How much would something like that cost? (This is in the U.K. btw.)

  4. I know there is tons of tattoo customer hate, but i went in once for a 5"x5" tattoo and the guy tried to get me to expand it to like 4 times the size. Then tried to take my money to book 8months out. I hope to one day have my skin healthy enough to tattoo as well as i find a tattoo artist that actually cares.

  5. Price shouldn't be questionable. When you get a tattoo You are paying for a custom work of art, period. You want to display the art art that you like on your body, you must understand that art have a price, which is usually a very high price because is a work of art. A piece of art that probably will give the value to your body, which is probably a lot more value than the value that you might have as a human, under certain circumstances in certain cases. Some people worth less than trash.

  6. I think this video should be titled as "Things you should know before getting into a tattoo shop". The current tittle is so misplaced 🤦🤦I'd say u should definitely asked those questions so you can learn and avoid dumb accidents…

    Uhmm and my shoes cost like 20 bugs as well as my pants…so dafaq??? But thinking a tattoo is cheap is dumb lmao

  7. It seems sad that you even have to say some of these things, but well…people.
    As far as skin being different, when my daughter, my mom, and I went to get our tattoos done, the artist had a difficult time finding the best place for my moms because she's 77 and has some crepey skin. I realized that I better get the tattoos I'm planning on getting sooner than later.

  8. Do you get your deposit back if you decide not to get a tattoo after the tattoo artist draws up the design? I personally don't want a casual tattoo that I don't absolutely love, but I also don't want to pay $200 for a drawing that will never be used.

  9. Had my first tattoo a couple months ago and I can’t believe people actually ask these types of questions. And no one should do anything for free. This is your job and it takes your precious time and effort. I can understand the pain statement, but one should be fully aware of that even before they get a tattoo and it will different for each individual. Mine did hurt, but it didn’t make me flinch and once it was over, it was fine and I love it! Can’t wait to get my second one next month! You look amazing!

  10. Uh, don't forget retouch‼️ My permanent eye liner going on 19 years is starting to lose the peach over teal bottom lid. (Artist halved the teal as I felt I looked like Cleopatra… never wore underliner.)
    Glad I did it then, not too keen for touch up as Emla cream or not one has to be committed and stoic💯

  11. Got a sleeve from the knee down. After months of researching artists, My requirements for the one I chose were: "I want you to draw it, I want it here". 50+ hours of needle to skin, hundreds of hours of prep and consultation. Thousands of dollars later I have never been happier with the results, so many compliments.

  12. i think the people that are shocked by pricing are the ones who go to or have friends that go to what i call flash artists…anything in the books or on the wall.. copy stencil.. one needle everything.. 20 buck LOL if im going to get a tat i want them to be tattoo artists.. i want them to be able to draw what i want.. and because of that i know i will get quality work and quality work is worth it to you stated it is for life..also the age issue is very appropriate also.. i have some i wish i hadnt gotten now and had gone to places that were a bit cheaper.. hence i learned the difference between an artist that does tattoos and a flash artist..

  13. You are incredible. I’ve gotten 2 incredible, hand drawn tattoos done & my artists have been wonderful. I always pay up front, even when not asked for it, to show the artist that I respect the effort & art. Keep being outspoken about these things & being you!