20 Most Heavily Tattooed celebrities

TOP-20 Most Heavily Tattooed celebrities (2018)
Celebrities have always been on the forefront of trends, and that includes the increasing popularity of tattoos. Certainly the music and sports industries have been more accepting of their celebrities having tattoos, but even actors and models are getting more comfortable embracing the ink. Here are some of the most heavily tattooed celebrities in Hollywood, music, sports, and more.
Most Tattooed celebrities (celebrity tattoos 2018)
Tom Hardy
Actor Tom Hardy, famous for his roles in Mad Max: Fury Road, The Revenant, and The Dark Knight Rises, has numerous tattoos. He has at least 18 distinct designs! He just recently got another one on his right bicep for losing a bet with Leonardo DiCaprio regarding the Best Actor win for The Revenant.
Ruby Rose
Ruby Rose is an Australian model, DJ, recording artist, actress, television presenter, and former MTV VJ. She has an extensive collection of tattoos, approximately 60 different designs (she has actually lost count)! She has her namesake ruby on her forearm.
Travis Barker
American musician and producer Travis Barker is best known as the drummer for the rock band Blink-182.
David Beckham
The soccer star David Beckham has accumulated many tattoos on his body over the years, and most of those tattoos are a tribute to his beloved wife and children. His tributes to Harper, his daughter, include a rose tattoo, her name, and the words ‘Pretty lady’ right above Harper. He even has a tattoo on the inside of his hand from a drawing she did of a stick figure little girl
Angelina Jolie
Famous actress Angelina Jolie is known as one of the most tattooed women in Hollywood. She had most of her back covered with intricate tattoos in Thailand by former monk Ajarn Noo Kanpai. The designs were meant to link her to her then-husband Brad Pitt. She also has a large Bengal tiger on her back, done in the traditional Thai tattoo style with a manual needle.
Robert LaSardo
LaSardo isn’t just heavily tattooed for an actor – he’s heavily tattooed, period! The Italian-American actor and producer has nearly his entire body covered, including his hands and throat.
Johnny Depp
One of the most versatile actors in Hollywood is also one of the most tattooed – Depp has artwork across both arms, both legs, his back and his hands and fingers.
Danny Trejo
Another actor famous for his tattoos, Trejo (nicknamed “The Illustrated Man”) is usually typecast as a villain due to his extensive artworkThat same chest tattoo (of a woman wearing a sombrero) has appeared in over 130 movies and been voted one of the most recognizable tattoos in the world.
Joseph Gilgun
Dwayne The Rock Johnson.
Athlete-turned-actor Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson has only two tattoos, but they are neither small nor subtle! His first tattoo was a bull’s head on his right arm, which is connected to his astrological sign as well as his wrestling nickname
Dominic Purcell
Jason Momoa
James Wan’s Aquaman may be covered in tribal tattoos, but ironically enough, the costume will end up covering actor Jason Momoa’s real tattoos in the upcoming film!
Jared Leto
He may not have anywhere near the number of tattoos that he’ll be sporting in the upcoming Suicide Squad movie, but Jared Leto is no stranger to the needle.
Megan Fox
Megan Fox has quite a collection of tattoos, and is clearly a fan of script work… and clichés! Her first ever tattoo was the Chinese symbol for “strength”, and she’s also added an ankle tattoo of a moon and star, and a tribal variant on the ying/yang symbol.
Ryan Gosling,
Justin Bieber
Bieber, 23, got his first tattoo — a small bird on his left hip — when he was 16. Over the years, he has added to his collection, amassing another 61 tattoos over his body.
Harry Styles
When Styles first made it big in 2010 as a member of boy band One Direction he was a bare skinned teenager, but that all changed in 2012 when he got a tattoo of a star on his left arm to celebrate his 20th birthday.

Adam Levine
It’s no secret the Maroon 5 singer is a fan of permanent body ink, but he took his tatt collection to a whole new level when he revealed an artwork that covered his whole back in February last year.
The singer and actor, who got her first tattoo around 2006 with a small treble clef and music note on her foot, now has more than 20. Rihanna has admitted she has a thing for tattoos, once saying, “I like hanging out in tattoo shops. I am so intrigued by tattoos.”
Amber Rose
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  1. Ok so here my thing when your acting they have to cover up all your tattoos or just some cause iv seen some actors that dont even cover up all their tattoos when acting how does that work im confused. Do you have to have cerrain amount of tattoos to act or?

  2. Just because someone has a big tattoo doesn't mean it count as a lot because da rock has only 2 he painted over his bull tattoo so he only has 2 how is that alot?