20 Celeb Reactions To Fan Tattoos

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Fans around the world have countless ways to pay tribute to their favorite celebs. Many stars appreciate a good painting but some confessions of love are more permanent and super creepy…like tattoos. So when a a celeb’s face becomes inked onto a stranger’s skin, you can only imagine the reactions. From the creeped out to the charmed we’re counting down 20 celeb reactions to fan tattoos right here on LISTED.
1. Miley Cyrus
2. Kelsea Ballerini
3. Ryan Reynolds
4. Kim Kardashian
5. Kylie Jenner
6. Drake
7. Eva Longoria
8. Rihanna
9. Nicki Minaj
10. James Franco
11. Demi Lovato
12. Mariah Carey
13. Kanye West
14. Jennifer Aniston
15. Chris Pratt
16. Jessica Alba
17. Daisy Ridley
18. Troye Sivan
19. Shay Mitchell
20. LeBron James

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  1. Fan Tattoos Kiiara Lila & Valentine
    Fan tattoos Luna & Skarlet Inspired Believe Dúo
    Justin Bieber as Emmett Brickwoski
    And Mirei Touyama as akali

  2. I really want a wrist tattoo of lady Gaga lyrics “oh boy you’ve left me speechless” from speechless and Nicki Minaj lyrics on my ankle or upper chest saying “you got my heartbeat running away” edit: from superbass

  3. Are some of these people mentally unstable? I mean you'd have to be to get some of these on their bodies!!😂
    Yeah some are actually good and have decent purposes but some some of these are just silly.

  4. i have three tattoos inspired by my idols (twenty one pilots). they saved my life and i’m forever thankful, and i felt its a way to keep them with me always. i remember at my first tøp concert josh saw one on my arm and tapped it twice. for sure the most amazing moment of my life and i cherish that memory every second.

  5. First, Kelsea has beautiful eyes 😍

    I also wanted to say that if you get a celebrity’s face that’s kinda creepy but if you get a lyric of one of their songs or a quote they said that is meaningful to you is sweet.

  6. The person who got Kim and Kanye’s name on his leg: Just like this tattoo and my legs will always be together Kim and Kanye will as well

    Me:Dead 😂😭😂😂