10 Of The Most OVERDONE Tattoos According To Tattoo Artist

When it comes to tattoos, the possibilities are endless on what you can get but with that said, there are some tattoos that are so overdone according to tattoo artist. so in this video i thought it would be fun to share the 10 Of The Most OVERDONE Tattoos According To Tattoo Artist!

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  1. starting this vid i was like ok this mfer sounds like hes from god damn philly or delaware and then u said "wooter" and im like yep… my whole moms side says water like that lmfao delaware shit xD

  2. Blame social media and everyone wanting to be like the next person. Look around you. Everyone looks like a clone of the next person. Everyone dresses the same, buys the same cars, gets the same tattoos, visits the same places. Look at the women, as well. They all do their hair and makeup exactly the same. They all wear the same things, accessorize with the same things. Weird world. No one is their own person anymore.

  3. I started with an octopus tattoo on the inner forearm as it's one of my favourite animals…. then I got into sea swimming (which really helped my mental health at the time) ended up swimming the English Channel as part of a relay team so went for a full Poseidon tattoo… didn't really realise they were so popular but I feel like I've got a pretty legitimate reason for getting it (plus I also love all kinds of mythology… thinking of something Viking orientated next )

  4. well if you sick of doing some tattoos then you might have the wrong job tho… there will always be trends and tattoos that are popular especially for people who get their first ones!

  5. Tattoo artist advised me to get my lion, rose and clock
    My lion is eating a snake
    My rose is surrounded by two angels and had mom through the stem,
    My clock takes up my shoulder and has a quote going through it
    They like it when you make it different to a certain degree

  6. I love tattooing roses.. just love em.. so many diff styles to apply em with

    I get sick of statements like the one you said the artist made re “I’ve done 10 Greek mythological tattoos this month, so sick of em”

    Err.. stop saying yes then.. your the problem.. you keep saying yes 🤦🏻🤦🏻.

    We forget, so easily, how blessed we are in what we do.. years in and I still LOVE tattooing, portraits, realism, roses, Greek etc etc.. if you don’t.. go do something else

  7. I have a compass- however mines specific in the direction it points. Which from where my grandpa pass is directly towards his home farm. And the coordinates wrap the compass.
    I have a sugar skull- but she’s bleeding from the empty eye sockets and nose cavity.
    I have a cross that matches one my best friends cross, in memory of my other best friend, because it’s the only way they’d ever meet.

    So now that I’ve explained why I feel attacked I should feel attacked. …Attacked 😂😂😂

  8. If I was a tattoo artist. I wouldn't complain i be making all the money I can. But I guess most of them don't do it just for the money, its for the art.

  9. Surprised you didn't mention butterfly, or banner tattoos. But I'm guilty as charged with the pocket watch, skull and roses (and banners)… in one sleeve. BUT to be fair, the time on the clock is the time my daughter was born, and the roses are because her middle name is Rose. The banners have her D.O.B in roman numeral. The skull has banners above and below it, saying "Memento Mori".

  10. I like black n grey "Bold holds" the darker the better imo , as long as there is some contrast or skin break so nothing is hard to see then im str8 with it

  11. I got a dragon wrapping around a rose b&g style going up the forearm when I graduated high school lol. Ultimately though — your body, your choice. Roses are super common but as long as you love it, that’s all that matters. Love the videos!!