10 Highest Paid Tattoo Artists 2022

10 Highest Paid Tattoo Artists 2022

Tattooing is one of the oldest forms of art known. It involves creating permanent or temporary words, symbols, or images on the skin. The art is performed by piercing the skin with a small needle, where ink is injected into the skin.

Number 10 in this video is Keith Underwood. He is known for his American street shop styles, the golden era of American tattoo artwork. Getting a tattoo inked on your skin by Keith should cost at least $200. He is one of the highest paid tattoo artists. Keith Underwood learned this artwork from the late Mike Malone, a legend and one of the world’s best.

Next is Brandon Bond. Brandon charges $210 for every hour from his clients. He has worked hard and dedicated himself to becoming one of the most successful tattoo artists in the world. His shops in Atlanta ‘All or Nothing Tattoo’ and ‘Anti Art Elite’ have gained much popularity in the country. Apart from his shops, he also holds a company to get tattoo-related products. You name them from books to movies, clothes to arts, and Bond has them. With a minimum charge of $200, Bond works fast and gives impressive results. He is ranked number 9 in the list of highest-paid tattoo artists.

The tattoo artist ranked number 8 on this list of highest paid tattoo artists is Jonathan Valena. Jonathan was previously a youth minister at Hillsong. He is popular for being the artist behind the tattoos on Justin Bieber’s face. JonBoy has also worked with celebrities like Hailey, Kendall Jenner, Travis Scott, and Zayn Malik. He charges $300 per hour.

Number 7 on the list is Kat Von D. Kat Von D is popular among tattoo enthusiasts and the whole entertainment industry. She is not just a tattoo artist. She also stars her TV show, records some songs, poses for photoshoots, writes some books, and runs her own cosmetic business. For one hour of tattoo session with Kat Von D, you will pay at least $200. This price varies depending on what kind of tattoo you want. She is one of the very enthusiastic and highest paid tattoo artists.


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