Celebrity tattoo regret is real, which is why in this video we talk about 10 celebrities who either removed their tattoos or got it covered up.

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  1. I've got my ex wife's name on my ring finger. We use to break up and get back together often over the years but I don't plan on covering or removing it, I keep it as a reminder of what not to do again

  2. I do have a little (very small) one yeah but its a heart on my inside arm, near to the actual heart so I don't mind to keep it 😁

  3. The only tattoo I have is my daughter name in calligraphy writing and I wrote down the spelling of her name, the year she was born inside a ribbon the artist done a very nice job👍😉

  4. Think about being the new person in someone's life and having to look at the name of that person's inked baggage. I don't want to see some other dude's name on my lady.

  5. I would never get a tattoo of any living s/o or family
    Hear me out. Getting marching matching tattoos with your partner sets you up to fail
    Family can turn on you
    But memorial tattoos are different as your relationship with the person can't change when you are getting tattooed

  6. I got a quote tattoo with my Ex. I have the first half and he has the second half. Luckily I was able to get it covered with a butterfly and a rose. You can’t see it at all but I know it’s under there. Never ever again. Such a bad idea.

  7. I have my wife's name on my finger like a ring. I didn't tell her I was doing it. It was a surprise. Surprise! She was angry lol. But after a few hours in our bed, and chair… And couch. She was no longer angry and asked me to do my name on her finger. I'm not a tattoo artist, but my best friend was before he was murdered and I've done enough on myself, some words/lettering, to be able to di it. Till death do us apart. Neither of us want the definite disappointment in the bedroom with other people. We are simply too good for each other. Thanks for the content.
    God bless

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  9. I would never get a partner's name tattooed on my body. Or anyone's name for that matter. I think one can celebrate their loved ones through tattoos without setting oneself up for regret.

    My spouse and I got scorpion tattoos to commemorate our 13 years of marriage, but we each chose different styles and artists. The scorpion is highly symbolic and meaningful to me for reasons that have nothing to do with my husband (no, it's not an astrology thing). My scorpion tattoo is a photo-realistic black and gray while my husband's is a color Japanese-style scorpion. So, we both have tattoos we like in styles that are our own, with our own meanings. Should our marriage implode or something, I'd still love my tattoo because it isn't all about him in the first place, but it was still cool to get tattoos together of the same subject.

  10. Thought for twelve months prior to getting each of my tattoos.
    That was many many years ago .
    I'm nearly 70 now and still love em.
    Think before you ink is the motto for a reason.
    Drunk vacation tats are ultra dumb