✅AM I A SCRATCHER?? 👀+PLUS+ New tattoo shop!!! 👀

The question is AM I A SCRATCHER???
In todays video I will be letting you know my current situation and what is to come for me and my business!! 🤘 I hate the word scratcher as it’s a derogatory word for a person who doesn’t tattoo out of a professional shop. “Scratchers” come in all different forms, from those who see this as a hobby and those who are trying to make this a profession for themselves. We will also be packing up the old shop and moving to our NEW and improved location where I can now start the process of getting my shop licensed!!!! 🤘🤘🤘🤘 I thank all of you for all your support and kind words. I wish all of you the best on your journey and Keep ROCKING!!!!!
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I like to remind people that In no way am I a fantastic tattoo artist guys. I just love tattooing but I am still on my journey and want to show you how its done so you can do it and do it better then me!! 🤘
So don’t give up if you want it bad enough its yours for the taking!

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* Ink bed tattoo chair:
* Ink Bed Hydraulic Tattoo chair:
this is not the exact one but this is pretty similar.
The original one I have I cant seem to find.
*Fake Skin:
*TrueSkin Fake Skin (preferred) :
*Solong Tattoo Carts Assorted sizes:
*Solong 11 bugpin Mag:
*Solong 15 Curved bugpin Mag:
*Solong 3 RL bugpin:
*Solong Standard Round Shaders:
*RHEIN needles liners:
*RHEIN needles bugpins:
*Nitrile Gloves by Infi Touch:
*Nitrile Gloves by Adenna:
*CaviCide 1 gallon:
*CaviCide spray:
*head lamp v1:
*Head Lamp v2:
*Wireless tattoo power supply:
There are many options here
are just a few.
*Wired power supply:
*Green Soap Large size:
*Green Soap Small size:
*Sports Wrap:
*Paper Towels:
*Scott Shop Towels:
*A&D Ointment packs:
*INKEEZE Green Glide:
*Hustle Butter:
*Ink caps:
*Clip cord sleeve v1:
*Clip cord sleeve v2:
*Barrier film:

*Stencil stuff:
*Squeeze bottle:
*Plastic wrap:
*Stencil paper:
*Stencil Machine:
*Tattoo Tray:
*Tattoo Rolling tray station:
*Heydraulic Tattoo chair/table:
*Tattoo artist chair:
*Sharps container:
*Tattoo arm rest:
*Tattoo bed:

*Canon Printer:
*Disposable razors:
*Tool box:

*Tongue depressors:

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    ✅Also I have added some links to "some" of the equipment and supplies I use that are obtainable from Amazon. I will keep updating the list as I try new things. Not all the equipment I use is available on amazon but I will do my best to link you guys with new equipment and supplies as time goes on. Thanks again everyone for watching!! You guys and gals are amazing!! 🤘

  2. I would love to tattoo but I don’t want to risk my family’s financial stability to pursue it.. I wish I could do it part time or as a hobby (obviously learning the proper techniques and sanitary measures) I live vicariously through these videos 😂

  3. Hey I’m you’re apprentice the way I see it lol. I don’t watch anyone else. I don’t listen to any tips from anyone else. I found you almost two years ago and I’ve stuck with you aside from a 3 months break I just took. But I’m back and got all new rotary machine. I’m off coils for good never going back unless it’s something I don’t see happening making me go back. I’m ready to rock with you. I’ve got 4 hours of practice in with the new machine. About to start on myself this week touching you some older beginning stuff on me and more

  4. You’re dedication is wicked. I started after you had started the channel, I learned coils, how to use them, tune them, I tatted hours on fakes, got into real skin, fell back a little for a while but I’m back now. I just ditched all my gear sold it all and bought all better newer rotary.

  5. The apprenticeship system is completely broken and ass backwards. As a traditional/digital artist myself, I hate the horrible trend I am of seeing young people just buying pens off amazon and covering themselves in garbage. But the barriers to serious people trying to get into it professionally having to beg every mediocre gatekeeper for a chance to become an apprentice is also terrible.

  6. I was offered an apprenticeship, but with family, how do you drop your income for no income? You don't. You learn yourself. I gave up on the notion of ever tattooing until I realised there was channels like yours. It's people like yourself who are making it possible for others to learn without all that antiquated, secret squirrel bs. Cheers.

  7. You love what you're doing and having a passion for your work whatever you do is the best incentive ever. It's not about the $ for you, passion for doing, and every day looking forward to the next tattoo, that and willing to share and bare your soul on youtube is a recipe for success.

  8. Something that I've been desperately looking for is someone to talk about current tattoo culture. It seems to be highly politicized and gate-kept. Is this reasonable, why and why not? IMO tattooing has inherent risks (BBP stuff) but that doesn't warrant the amount of gate-keeping that occurs in the industry. It's frustrating and difficult to navigate as someone who is teaching themselves while also trying to be responsible and respectable.

  9. First and foremost I have been watching and learning from you since you started this channel. I have watched all of your content many many times and it’s a wonderful resource for studying.

    You have taught me so much and I want to say thank you for being so personable, supportive and thoughtful with your content and how you speak to people.

    I do have many questions but I’ll start with one.
    You explained before that technically you are a scratcher. What did you use to learn as much as you have ? Like books, websites, etc.
    I have been learning on my own for a year now and I’m curious to know how you did it.

    ~Thank you again for all of your content and loving the art of Tattoo!

  10. Your videos are amazing. I love how you narrate as the tattoo process is in motion. You cover so much stuff that is not out there.

    I am in a similar situation! someone liked my art and asked if i could tattoo? So I got myself a starter kit and learning online and now 2 years later its something I am very passionate about now… I have a home shop set up in a detached renovated garage and hoping to somehow get it licensed. Can i ask some advice on where to start to legalize? Florida has laws. I tattooed myself when i first started then close friends and then family. I have now started friends of friends but get nervous venturing off without being licensed. I dont want to work in a shop. I like doing what im doing now. like you said BE MY BOSS. Anything advice helps.

  11. My Logic Is Years Ago When Tattoo First Started The First Person That Realized Piercing A Needle Thru The Skin With Ink Can Make A Picture Didn't Have No Mentor Or Apprentice Before They Started You Just Gotta Have Hard Work And Determination There's Thousands Of Self Taught Artist I Bet And I Know I've Learned Some Shading Techniques From You Just Watching Your Videos

  12. I would love it if you would teach tattoo courses! Your videos are so good, down to earth and easy to follow along with. I appreciate everything you are doing to help the rest of us learn.
    I was also wondering if you sell any merchandise where you collect 100% of the profit? Totally want to support you.
    Thanks again for all you do

  13. I really appreciate your content and videos so much. I apprenticed in a shop over five years ago and had to put that on hold to focus on being a parent and getting back into the art and work on my own time (I can’t always do this on “shop hours”) —utilizing all of this helpful content has been absolutely so valuable. Thank you for helping make this dream possible. I wish you the best in your new shop!! 💖

  14. Love your videos, and making some of the gray area more black and white! I’m at the point where I am still on fake skin but also working on real so practice practice practice. It’s funny because I have friends that make the comment, “I know what you can do on paper, but skin?” …how do you help them to see your talent can transfer to different medium? I don’t know that I want to advertise till I’m in the shop that’s in the works for me to apprentice in. Or would you advertise to push people to the shop?