Popular tattoo ideas

If you decided to get a tattoo, you will probably want it to be unique (definitely not Steve-O unique). Getting a unique tattoo means going through a lot of various tattoo ideas, combining the most favorite designs into one and then finally making your own tattoo by bringing the ideas you have collected to your artist. There are literally millions of tattoo ideas on the internet and it is really hard to find a proper tattoo design. We will save you some time and cut right to the chase - we love tattoos and since 2014 we have been gathering high quality tattoo ideas from all over the internet. What you see here right now is the result of almost two years of daily tattoo ideas search. We have collected more than 2000 awesome tattoo designs for tattoo lovers just like you. Constant updates and only hand picked tattoo pictures are here to inspire you. Pick from 42 different categories and browse for your tattoo idea! Don't forget to save the pics you like on your phone or your tablet and bring them with you to your local tattoo shop. Show those tattoo ideas for your artist and explain how exactly your tattoo should look like. Don't go with the first tattoo ideas that you have just found and maybe thought that this is 'the one'. Look for some new tattoos every day and collect them in one folder. Wait a week or so and then open that folder again. You will notice that the most of ideas you have picked a week ago will not be the same as you have seen them for the first time. If you feel like none of those tattoo ideas that you have collected are suitable for you - don't get a tattoo. Wait a bit. The right design will come to you itself if you keep searching for it!