About us

Tattoo-designs.us was born in 2014. Since then, every day we dedicate from 1 to 2 hours to searching high-quality tattoo pictures on the web. To bring the best quality for you, we only pick the best photos. That means we skip hundreds of poor quality tattoos and publish only the greatest designs. There are very few websites that concentrate on quality. Instead, they just post thousands of random pictures.

We love tattoos as much as you do and we know how hard can it be to find a nice idea for a tattoo. For us, the user experience is the most important thing, so that's why you won't find low-quality pictures with stupid watermarks in here. We run through dozens of websites every day and we select the best of the best tattoos manually. We have more than 1500 + HQ tattoo designs in our database and it's growing every day, so you'll definitely find a perfect idea for your next tattoo!

Here you will find the finest and biggest tattoo collection of amazing quality pictures gathered from the whole universe! Best tattoo artists and their works are carefully selected from thousands of bad ones and then uploaded here. Follow us on Twitter, Tumblr and Google+